Welcome to Rotary & More Corporation, a new specialized provider of the highest quality rotary instruments and ancillary products for the dental professional.  All instruments are thoroughly tested by dental professionals that are respected worldwide as practicioners, opinion leaders and lecturers. You will find all our products are a real value by reducing your instrument cost without sacrificing quality.  Please browse our complete selection products by clicking HERE then simply click on the products links to see our full product line.  
Pre-Sterilized Single-Use Diamonds
Premium Multi-Use Diamonds
FG, FG Short Short Shank, HP, Sintered,
ZR & Lithium Discilicate 
Premium HP Diamond Discs
Inter-oral, Plaster & Lathe
Operative Carbides in
Specialized Carbides for
Composite Finishing, Preparation &
Metal Cutting
Titanium-nitride coated
Laboratory Cutters for
all materials & Lathe Cutters
Diamond Composite Polishing Systems
Diamond Porcelain Polishing Systems
Universal Polishers for Ceramics, All Metals including Gold HP, RA, FG
Acrylic Polishing Systems
Laboratory & Clinical Bur Block Systems
For HP, RA, FG
We are constantly adding new products, that our customers have requested, please come back for our new product listings!
The highest quality grinder abrasives
for Zircon Oxide & Lithium Discilicate
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